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Air heating

Appliances that blow warm air to heat up the air in a confined place have long been used in industrial heating technology.

For old traditional systems with central boiler rooms, the most widespread solution was the steam- or hot water-operated thermoventilator heating. Great disadvantages of these systems were the substantial pipeline loss and the very high maintenance costs due to corrosive processes. Even so, it can be a practical solution for smaller or basically hot water heating systems where boilers are used for convective heating or the production of sanitary hot water.
In the case of larger areas, it is obvious that decentralized hot air heating systems have to be developed if radiant heating cannot be applied du to the given technology or geometric dimensions.

Basically, gas-operated air heaters have two different versions: wall- or ceiling-mounted appliances and standing solution appliances. Both of them can be applied independently or connected to air duct systems.
In response to the users’ requirements, a new generation of air heaters has appeared in the market that has a summer operational mode as well, during which air – including air from outdoor – is circulated to ensure ventilation or cooling panels are mounted on the air supply side. Through this method, the internal temperature of premises can be kept at the desired value both in winter and summer.

Radiant heating

Natural heat source

The operation principle of radiant heating can be best introduced through the characteristics of solar energy and its effects. The Sun radiates its heat towards the Earth with a surface temperature of around 6000K°. A part of this heat energy is lost after entering the Earth’s atmosphere and also due to the large distance. Nevertheless, the beneficial effect of the remaining radiation can be felt by everybody as it increases our sensation of warmth and comfort irrespective of the low ambient temperature.
Radiant heating is made attractive by exactly the same characteristic.

Unique features

The most important and most advantageous feature is that radiant heat, by its nature, first warm up the various material masses, providing pleasant temperature sensation to us.
Due to this unique characteristics, heating solutions applying radiant heat have many positive features over other heating systems.

Versatile utilization

Radiant heating appliances can be used in many different ways from the heating of small repair shops via industrial sheds of several thousand square meters to covered or open-air sports facilities, warehouses or hangars. Radiant heating is perfectly suitable for various technological purposes as well.

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Unrivalled benefits