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Tube radiant heaters
Ceramic heaters
Forced convection air heaters
Agricultural heating
Hot water operation air heaters
Hot-air curtian units
Hot-radiant radiant panel
Air destratifiers

Our Group

We are proud of the fact that we have been in the field of industrial heating technology for more than 25 years to provide flexible, customized, complex solutions to our partners. Thanks to our continuous research and development as well as our importing activities, our wide range of products and our expert support system, we were able to become the leader of the domestic industrial heating market during this time.


  • 25 years
  • Domestic manufacturing and development
  • Individual needs
  • Complex solutions
  • Domestic market leader

Innovation, research and development

With our innovative solutions and research and development activity, our aim is to meet tomorrow's challenges today. Utilizing our experience of many years in service and installation, we offer our self-developed and manufactured products with the latest technologies for our partners.


  • Many years of expertise
  • Independent manufacturing and development
  • Continuous research work
  • High Quality Standards

Services and support

Our expert support system helps our partners from design through implementation to maintenance, be it service, technical consultancy, energy studies or auditing. Feel free to contact us, our experts will assist the entire process from the needs assessment phase.


  • Domestic service network
  • Expert colleagues
  • Project support
  • Continuous training background

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