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PAKOLE Kft. provides warranty specified in legal regulations for the appliances manufactured and traded by the company. Component parts are continuously supplied from stock. The component parts can be ordered at the site or via fax with postal delivery using cash on delivery payment scheme or with courier service. The parts have to be precisely defined for correct identification.

Requests on installation or repairing under warranty have to be announced directly to PAKOLE Kft., and the company will take the necessary measures.

Warranty is only provided for appliances that are installed by commissioned brand services being in contractual relationship with the Kft. Warranty period starts at the time of appliance start-up.



After the expiration of the warranty period, regular or single maintenance of the appliances can be requested and is carried out in the frame of a contract.

Maintenance is also executed by our partner services.

The experts of our contractual brand services regularly take part in trainings and have the technical information and component parts needed for the service activities. The maximum time period between the request for repair and the starting of work (servicing): if there is no other appliance in the room to perform heating, repair works are started within 24 hours. For premises with heating systems, we undertake to start the repair works within 48 hours.