Services and support
sötétsugárzó, hőlégbefúvó, termoventilátor, infrasugárzó, csarnok fűtés

Our company lays special emphasis on continuous monitoring of the devices sold, which is backed by a large number of service team members in many countries. Our service partners receive training provided in at least four languages several times a year to keep knowledge up-to-date and to transfer all the experience gathered from the operation of the devices over the years. Our company also undertakes the installation and maintenance of its own devices with the provision of special discounts.


Free Consulting

We assist designers and users in choosing the optimal heating solutions and related system elements and accessories by providing consultation and sharing experience or offering individual training.

In the frame of the engineering services, we undertake free of charge to:

  • give advice via telephone, in writing or in person
  • prepare technical proposals, price quotations, drawings
  • perform on-site surveys and consulting.


Beside the manufacturing of appliances, our company deals with the planning and installation of complete heating systems, therefore, we prepare price quotations of various levels for the supplying, planning or complete implementation of heating appliances in accordance with the requirements.

Engineering preparatory tasks

We undertake to prepare feasibility studies which demonstrate on the basis of measurement and designing data whether a given investment is feasible from professional, technical and financial aspects, and specify the estimated resources required for the investment.  In this way, scheduling and financial planning of the project can be carried out, and the necessary resources can be explored and provided.

Content required:

  • Initial data (on the basis of the energy audit documentation)
  • Recommendation for implementation
  • Examination of environmental effects
  • Costs of implementation
  • Schedule of implementation
  • Costs of operation with and without the recommended investments, measures
  • Financial sources (own capital, bank loan, grants)
  • Rates of return (own capital, bank loan, grants).

Energy-related Activities And Auditing

We assist local governments, private persons and public institutions in the frame of commissioning agreements in the energy management of larger facilities and the minimizing of financial risks in connection with energy and other investments.

We undertake to:

  • organize and assist the monitoring of energy consumption in larger facilities
  • prepare proposals on cost effective energy-saving practices
  • carry out the surveying and tendering required for occasional energy audits
  • analyse consumption data
  • participate in the preparing and tendering procedures for energy investment projects
  • revise service providers’ contracts
  • define the electricity and heat consumption of the organization and compare it to the real energy demand values
  • seek potential energy saving practices, find the units with excess energy consumption, calculate its costs and make suggestions for solutions
  • revise energy supply contracts
  • make proposals in consideration of expected medium-term energy trends
  • examine the utilization of renewable energy sources.