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Due to their modern and reliable design, AFR thermoventilators are perfect choices for large buildings and halls where quick heating-up and stable temperature are required. Our range of AFR thermoventilator series offers 5 different models for our customers.

The appliance housing is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), a 100% recyclable material, in a lightweight and reliable design. 

  • Easy installation on the sidewall or ceiling
  • Simple adjustment of outlet shutters
  • Durable, extremely lightweight EPP housing
  • Modern design
EPP has been used in industry since 1982 and thanks to the state of the art manufacturing processes, it can now be utilized for more and more purposes, for instance to manufacture large heating appliances with varied heat ranges. The durability and strength of EPP is equal to those of conventional thermoventilator housings, but it weighs less than one-third the weight thereof, which makes mounting much easier.