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Combustion efficiency:
Radiation efficiency
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency (ηs,h )

We have been manufacturing and selling our ZENIT tube radiant heaters for more than 15 years now during which period we managed to create the highest possible quality device due to the continuous research and development. One defining element of quality is that we use only the best materials during the production, like:

  • Heat-proof aluminised steel pipe up to 800°C
  • Honeywell magnetic valve and ignition controlling electronics
  • Polished, 99.9% aluminium reflector
  • First-class blow-off ventilator made in Europe
In connection with the application of tube radiant heaters with an under-blowing system few consider the advantages that stem from their design. Such an advantage may be that the installation and operation of the devices are extremely easy, since the burning-air ventilator gets immediately into its position through the installation of the burner, because it had been set to the capacity earlier, during the production. Thus only the fine tuning of the device should be carried out on the spot, which makes the installation significantly shorter.