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GTV Agro

GTV Agro


The GTV AGRO type of air heater is one of our company’s latest product. During its development we applied all the information that we collected during 20 years of execution and operation in agriculture. As the result of this development we managed to create a product which has the highest quality in its category. The fact all the devices are made of the most outstanding raw materials serves the purpose of quality. Such materials are:

  • Heat-proof rust-resisting steel pipe up to 700 °C
  • Patented ignition-proof burner line
  • IP 55 cover for the controlling unit
  • First-class ventilators with closed house made in Europe
The newly developed GTV AGRO air heaters can be applied with great efficiency not just in animal breeding farms, but also in greenhouses, since due to the well isolated inner electronic design our devices are resistant to the environmental circumstances resulting from the increased humidity. The devices can be supplied with an external, burning controlling unit with the help of which the actual operational state of the air heater can be monitored continuously and the unit can be monitored and/or reset even far from the breeding site.