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MSP hot water radiant panels offer an alternative to classical radiant heaters and centralized hot water heating systems. If installed at lower heights, these ceiling-mounted radiant panels give the same sensation of warmth as radiant heaters, which ensures significant energy savings compared to conventional convective heating solutions. Radiant panels, just like our other products, are made using only the highest quality raw materials.

  • High density, high insulating mineral wool insulation
  • Steel alloy plate profile with excellent heat transfer coefficient
  • Thin-walled, high-end heat transfer pipes
  • Panels are also available with coloured epoxy-polyester coat
Thanks to the resinous insulation of the radiation shields, the heating of A1 (EN 13501-1) fire and explosion-proof rooms can enjoy the benefits of radiant heating. Energy saving due to  range of 2-3 °C temperature difference between the air temperature and the sensory temperature. Another interesting feature is that radiant panels can be used not only for heating purposes but also for cooling by using appropriate refrigerant.