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GTV Condens+

GTV Condens+


The GTV CONDENS+ type of air heater product series is one of the latest development of our company and it meet all the requirements of today’s modern gas-operation air heaters. As the result of development we managed to create a product which has the highest quality in its category. The fact all the devices are made of the most outstanding raw materials serves the purpose of quality. Such materials are:

  • Heat-proof rust-resisting steel pipe up to 700 °C
  • Patented ignition-proof burner line
  • Honeywell magnetic valve and ignition controlling electronics
  • First-class ventilators made in Europe
Our newly developed condensational air heaters can operate in a condensational mode even in 100% mode thanks to the secondary heat exchanger with a bigger surface placed after the main heat exchanger and to the scale-free regulation. Thanks to these two developments, the heating technical efficiency will be in every case 98% independently from the fact whether your device operates on a 100% or on a 45% efficiency. If this efficiency is corrected and the additional energy demand for the condensation is added, we get the complete final efficiency of the device which is about 102% at least.