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We have been manufacturing and selling our LH direct operation air heater devices for more than 10 years. During their development the primary aim was the simplest possible application without malfunctions under agricultural circumstances. The achievement of these aims could be realised only through the application of the most outstanding raw materials, like:

  • First class acid-resistant cover with high heat-resistance
  • Honeywell magnetic valve and ignition controlling electronics
  • Ignition-proof burner line with corrosion-resistant coating
  • First-class blow-off ventilator made in Europe
In case of the application of direct operation air heaters, it is important to consider – already in the planning phase – the fact that the combustion gases which are created during the burning process are not removed from the target area. That is why it is essential to provide the necessary quality and quantity of fresh air in every case. The devices can operate with external fresh air only partly. In these cases the amount of the ventilation air can be reduced. The safe functioning of the devices can be guaranteed only by regular cleaning of the devices.