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We have been selling our KL air curtain air heater devices for more than 15 years now during which period we managed to create the highest possible quality device due to the continuous research and development. One defining element of quality is that we use only the best materials during the production, like:

  • Aluminium lamellae that can be adjusted in many directions
  • Long-wearing, massive electric controller/distributing boards
  • First-class blow-off ventilator made in Europe
Through the application of air curtain air heaters a huge amount of energy can be saved in huge rooms where gates are being opened continuously due to transit traffic or conveyance of materials. The air exchange number of the building can increase from the normal 0,5–0,6 up to 0,9–1,0, which saves 30–35% additional energy as regards the heating. That is why it is important to consider during measuring, what purposes the application of the building is going to serve.