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Combustion efficiency:

The ZENIT 70+ tube radiant heater models are based on the technical solutions of the standard models, the only difference is that during the design of these devices the top priority was the creation of the best possible efficiency as regards radiational heat transmission. Thanks to the detailed and carefully carried-out research the radiational intensity of these devices is between 75–85% depending on type.

  • Heat-proof aluminised steel pipe up to 800°C
  • Honeywell magnetic valve and ignition controlling electronics
  • Polished, 99.9% aluminium reflector
  • First-class blow-off ventilator made in Europe
It is important to stress in case of the tube radiant heaters with insulated reflecting shield that thanks to the increased radiational efficiency they need approximately 10–15% less power to provide the same temperature sensation in the heated room compared to the standard models. This saving is remarkably significant, especially if we consider that devices operating on radiational principle provide 15%–20% savings in comparison with other convective heating solutions.