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Combustion efficiency:

ZENIT 80+ tube radiant heater models are based on the technical solutions of the standard models, the only difference is that during the design of these devices the top priority was the creation of the best possible efficiency as regards radiational heat transmission. Thanks to the detailed and carefully carried-out research the radiational intensity of these devices is between 75–85% depending on type.

  • Heat-proof aluminised steel pipe up to 800°C
  • Honeywell magnetic valve and ignition controlling electronics
  • Polished, 99.9% aluminium reflector
  • First-class blow-off ventilator made in Europe
During the designing of our 80+ product series, one of our top priorities was to find a solution which can increase further the efficiency of the heating devices. This increased efficiency could be achieved with a hybrid solution which utilizes the application of today’s modern insulation materials and the insulation abilities of the air. Thanks to this design these premium quality devices can reduce the convective heat loss under the ceiling almost to zero thanks to which almost all of the heat is transmitted in a radiatonal way.